End to end solution
for genomic diagnostic

Foresee Genomics developed a combined system of molecular biology and bioinformatics. Our system increases the accuracy of the nanopore-based 4th generation DNA sequencing technology to an unprecedented level, transforming it into a platform used in small/medium labs in order to broaden the use of Next Generation Sequencing.

The Foresee Genomics system is significantly less expensive than all other NGS platforms. The combined system of Foresee Genomics and the Nanopore sequencer provides an end-to-end accurate and affordable solution for genomic diagnostics.

Sensitive accurate diagnosis

cost-effective test

Super-low capital investment

Early-stage cancer diagnostic solution

Accessible NGS at the point of care


Combined system of molecular biology and software in order to provide clear diagnosis

Foresee Genomics replaces the need to forward samples to costly genomic centers.

This results in fast diagnoses, a dramatic reduction in necessary infrastructure and equipment, unprecedented cost effectiveness, and an instant revenue stream for the lab.

Our Team

Roi Feingersch, PhD MBA


Dr. Feingersch is the founder of Foresee Genomics. He is an expert in the field of Next Generation Sequencing with rich experience in development of genomic diagnostic tests for cancer and genetic diseases. His experience includes developing new diagnostic tools for academic organizations, private diagnostic companies and hospitals. Dr. Feingersch is a Molecular Biologist who graduated from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he also obtained his postdoctoral fellowship.

Margalit Tocher, MBA

Margalit Headshot

Ms. Tocher is the business leader of Foresee Genomics. She is a proven executive with a background in the healthcare and technology fields. Armed with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, she has successfully guided early-stage companies through transitions into successful operations with sustainable growth. Her leadership journey includes serving as COO and CEO of two thriving international blood hemostasis medical device companies.

Dvir Dahary

Dvir Headshot

Mr. Dahary has been working in the fields of genomics, human clinical genetics and bioinformatics for over 20 years. His experience includes leading genomic research, consulting in computational biology and specifically in the analysis of NGS data. Over the last decade, Mr. Dahary established two ventures as a co-founder and led the development of one of the first and best analysis and interpretation platforms of NGS data and clinical diagnostics – Geneyx Analysis. Mr. Dahary holds a masters degree in Cell Research and Immunology from Tel-Aviv University.

Benjamin Cohen

Benji Headshot

Mr. Cohen has over ten years experience in developing software in the medical device field.  Experienced in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, Mr. Cohen has led multiple successful projects while maintaining compliance with applicable regulations.  Whether designing a new software feature, reviewing code, or creating a Risk Analysis framework, Mr. Cohen is able to balance creativity and functionality with regulatory requirements. Mr. Cohen has a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Northwestern University. 

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